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Howard Miller
Michael Mizrahi and
Erica Scheinberg
Ted Moore
Tami Morse
Brian Mountford
Sam O'Donahue and
Rebecca Jones
Jeen Pae
Jeannie Park
Tristan Perich
Doug Perkins
Bill and Elaine Phelan
Meris Ruzow
Kelly Savage
Philip Schuessler
Adam Simon
Kaite Sperling
Brian and Claudia Summers
Elizabeth Wang
Mike and Kathy Zdeb

John and Beth Antonio
Argeo Ascani
Hugh and Janice Barger
Mark Blankenship
Philipp Blume
Margaret Byrnes
Paul and Carole Baumes
Andrea Carpenter
Craig Chu
Brendan Connelly
Meg Cotner
Glenn Cornett
Serena Deng and Chris Henry
Natacha Diels
Michael Douglass Jones
Jeffrey and Mary Durgee
Joan Ekengren
Mary Feyk
Peter Flint
David Franzson and Lexi Suppes


Our programs are made possible through a combination of individual and foundational support. We hope that you will consider helping us to produce future concerts and create new works for the repertoire. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Please be sure to check about any donation matching plans your employer may offer.

Yarn/Wire is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Checks made payable to Yarn/Wire, Inc should be addressed to:

1717 Troutman St, #214
Ridgewood, NY 11385

Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Augustine Foundation
Julie Heller
Monica Hill
Jerry Hou
Mark Jackson & Karen Hagberg
Miki Kaneda
Daniel Koontz
Jeff Lagomarsino
Ben Lanz and Sonya Hoefer
Mark Leyse
Mary Madigan
Kris Medina
Harold Meltzer
Lawrence Mesich
Katherine Chung
Vance and Charlynne Fry
Anthony Gatto
Alan and Betty Greenberg
Richard and Sally Greenberg
Cesaltine Gregorio
Stephen Griesgraber
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hall
Erin Hall
Bettina Baruch Foundation
The Rea Charitable Trust